[Frameworks] Urban Research - A Programme at Directors Lounge Media Art Festival

From: Klaus W. Eisenlohr (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Feb 12 2011 - 17:56:58 PST

Urban Research
Artists Exploring Contemporary Urban Space

The Urban Research Programme curated by Klaus W.
Eisenlohr is a special theme-based programme at
The International Directors Lounge Media Art
Festival. Urban Research has become a steady pool
for innovative work concerning public space and
urban development. An increasing number or
artists act in response to the accelerated
changes in the urban environment, demanding
different ideas on how public place should be
defined and created. These artists use
documentary and experimental forms to create
novel ideas about the urban environments under

The 7th Berlin International Directors Lounge 2011
Meinblau e.V. | Pfefferberg | Christinenstr. 18/19 | D-10119 Berlin
10-20 February 2011
Open Daily 18 - late
Free unlimited entrance

Sunday, 13 February 18:00
Urban Research I
Places and Locations - Reality Check

        Going on field research, the filmmakers
and artists of this programme record peripheral,
vernacular but still memorable moments of their
surrounding. If place is connected with memory,
constructed by memory, these artists make aware,
that memories may be connected to vernacular
artifacts, to shop signs, ugly corners, technical
constructions, street "furniture" or even
telephone booths. If those vanish, something may
get lost with them. The spatial representations
and a reading of spaces in these films prove that
the experience of place and location can be much
more than a depiction or collection of

        Visual research thus may connect us with
reality instead of just showing landmarks or
"sights", the "memorable" and camera-aided fact
of "having been there" or the representation of
the representative.

Bill Brown US Chicago Corner 4 min 2010
Hope Tucker USA Puhelinkoppi (1882 -2007) 7min 30s 2010
Stephanie Gray US You know they want to disappear
Hell's Kitchen as Clinton 17min 2010
Roberto Duarte CL 131 2min 32s 2009
Uwe Doebbeke DE Passagen 8min 2002
Paul Rascheja DE Spaces 2min12s 2010
Marjan Laaper NL At the Mall 1 min 26s 2009/2010
Ellen Lake USA Seaworthy 3min 10s 2010
Christina McPhee US Deep Horizon 7min:32 2010
Alla Kovgan US New London Calling 10 min 2010
Deborah Phillips DE Herman(n) 8 min 2011

Tuesday, 15 February 20:00
Urban Research II
Imaginary Spaces - Virtual Vision

        Imagination (of space) has once again
intruded photography and image making.

        Perceptions are strongly influenced by
images, by mental images as much as by media
images. The perceptions of space, as well as
identification with a place thus depend on images.

        In the digital age, spatial
representation may have lost its significant in
the real world. In our perception it already is
space. It is not the simulation of space
(Beaudrillard) being relevant here, still
connected with the duality of
signifier-significant, but the ways mental
mapping is including the virtual sphere. Space,
our private and shared realm, thus may consist of
an indistinguishable mix of virtual and real

Anders Weberg SE Elsewhereness: Cape Town 2min 7s 2009
Marina Chernikova NL Metro V 2min 30s 2009
GUP-py DE/JP Out of the Sky - Back into the Sky 9min 4s 2010
Henry Gwiazda US something/the/you 4min 58s 2009
Morehshin Allahyari IR Over There Is Over Here 5min 43s 2010
Sarah Breen Lovett AU Expanded Architecture 04: Window Wound 1min 20sec 2010
Susanne Wiegner DE just midnight 3min 37s 2010
Valentina Ferrandes IT The Oyster Effect 11min 52s 2010
Anders Weberg SE Elsewhereness: Utrecht 4min 7s 2010
Vera Frenkel CN Once Near Water: Notes from the
Scaffolding Archive 15min 26s 2008
Tina Willgren SE The Polymoids 2min 51s 2010
Julie Meyer FR Eclipse 1min 20s 2009
Andrew de Freitas NZ/ CN L'Espace Quotidien 10min 46s 2010
André Chi Sing Yueng DE The work 3min 35s 2010

Wednesday, 16. February 19:00
Urban Research III
Interventions - The Spaces of Politics

        According to Henri Lefébvre, the
production of space is not happening without its
use, its occupation, or responsibility for place.
Since the 60's or maybe earlier with the
Internationa Situationists, artists have tried to
play a more active role in society - outside of
the art world. Documentary projects, happenings
and performances have since become a part of many
artists' active life, and in one way or the
other, they have had an influence on ideas,
political practice or movements.

        With the new social media, they may reach
an even larger audience, or on the other hand,
artists have to deal with the new rising powers
and to compete with other groups striving for
media dominance: How do you deal with bombings
(in your own country)?

Pilar Ortiz X CL Circunvalación 33min 2010
Andrew Norman Wilson US Workers Leaving the Googleplex 11min 59s 2010
Jacob Kirchheim, Teresa Delgado DE Terrorsounds 6min 2010
Masha Godovannaya RU 40 10min 40s 2010
Tom Skipp ES Antioch - Florent on the Bridge 9min 26s 2010
Yaron Lapid IL/UK Casual Mechanism 2m 30s 2010
Shalalae Jamil PK Watching Wheels 5min 30s 2010-2011

Urban Research IV
4. Loop Program
Playing during days of Urban Research Programme

James George US what i remember 4min 36s 2010
Ken Paul Rosenthal US Arcs of Texture 6min
Scott Stark US Compressive/Percussive 18min. 2010
Yaron Lapid IL / UK Except in struggle, there is no more beauty 1min 18s 2009

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