Re: [Frameworks] C / D Mount situation

From: Steven Gladstone (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Feb 07 2011 - 14:15:02 PST

Hey Steve:

1. Where are you located? Someone close by, may be helpful.
2. It looks like you have C-mount threads there. That lens doesn't look
to be C-mount. Perhaps the lens is D-mount.
On the side of the camera (the right side) ought to be the Markings H-16
and some other things.

Please check out my Bolex links page: It isn't finished yet, but it has
links to Websites with lots of Bolex info, including history, sales,
service, and the Bolex Factory.

a few of the sites will tell you how to identify your Bolex precisely
based on the serial #.

I'm starting to put together pages with links to all manner of cameras,
anyone with links they want to share, please send them to me.

I hope this helps.

On 2/7/2011 4:39 PM, steve cossman wrote:
> Steven
> Thank you for your help with this.
> Up to this point I've been a camera-less filmmaker, or borrowed a camera
> but, got my hands on this and am having a bit of a time making heads and
> tails of it.

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