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Date: Sat Feb 05 2011 - 12:42:14 PST

Yes. If memory serves this film depicts a nice spacious minimally furnished apartment full of light. Prominent colors are a deep velvet reds and a jade green, indeed like a luminous ceramic color.

Anticipating a follow up question, "what's a 'ceramic color?'" I would reply be describing in this case a sort of light pastel green mixed with something of a milky white and with a visual texture which seems to hold light and become vaguely luminous from within, with a sort of material confidence that is not to be considered showy or ostentatious. If I may suggest, this is evocative also of the feel of this film, but this is based on a recollection of a viewing over ten years ago...

Steve Polta

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Yes agree, this question gets high marks!  The answer probably is celadon green, a yellowish tinged green that the Chinese have used traditionally as a ceramic glaze.
Beverly O'Neill
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i love this question.

2011/2/3 Eleni Philippou <email suppressed>



Markopoulos said in an interview about 'Ming Green': "The appartment was painted Ming Green, which is sort of a Chinese-y colour, and that's why the film is called Ming Green."

Thank you very much for helping me,
Eleni Filippou

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