[Frameworks] Call for Applicants: FILM FARM (Independent Imaging Retreat)

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Date: Wed Feb 02 2011 - 12:09:09 PST

Phil Hoffman asked me to post the following:

Call for Applicants: FILM FARM (Independent Imaging Retreat)

The Independent Imaging Retreat or "Film Farm" is artist driven and
focuses on the development of individual artists and the production of
experimental film works. For over a decade the Independent Imaging
Retreat has initiated and enhanced the work of local, national and
international filmmakers and has expanded the traditions of
experimental filmmaking in Canada. The Independent Imaging Retreat
(Film Farm) is accepting applications for the upcoming 7 day handmade
filmmaking workshop from June 20-26, 2011, in Mount Forest, Ontario

  Information on how to apply can be found at:


  The application deadline is February 24, 2011.

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