Re: [Frameworks] Bolex Lenses

From: Todd Eacrett (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Feb 01 2011 - 22:02:25 PST

Schneider made a 10mm RX as well, and it usually goes for a little less than a Switar, but is no less a lens. There are two versions, one with a big-ass front element (faster maybe?).

Condition of the rear element is more important than the front. With longer lenses especially, minor scratches and marks on the front element will not degrade image quality significantly unless you have hard light hitting said element. (Use a hood!)

I have a shitload of c-mount lenses I've been meaning to unload, so it's heartening to hear there's actually an emerging market. I knew my packrat tendencies would pay off eventually...

Mason, email me directly and I'll see what I have in bargain Bolex RX lenses.


Todd Eacrett
Victoria, BC, Canada
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