Re: [Frameworks] Super-8 Shooting Ratio

From: Sarah Reynolds (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jan 31 2011 - 20:24:13 PST

Thanks everyone! Great advice. This has been a really helpful "gauge", in
what seems to be mostly educated guesswork. ;) It is looking like we will
have the budget for 5:1 for the Super 8 part. It will be a mix of video,
archival footage and stills. Final medium is HD.


On 1/31/11 11:49 AM, "Bill Basquin" <email suppressed> wrote:

> Sarah,
> You can get close to a 1:1 shooting ratio if you plan in advance what shots
> you want to get and plan what time of day you want to shoot each location;
> location scouting will be helpful to you in this regard.
> Since a 1:1 ratio means that you will use almost everything that you shoot, it
> also means that you only get to shoot each thing once, and you have to get it
> right that one time. It also means that you don't shoot it unless you are
> pretty sure it will be useful, so it means you need a lot of information about
> the purpose that your shots will fulfill within the larger film.
> If you are asking this question because you are negotiating the budget for
> your part of the project, then I would recommend budgeting for at least a 2:1
> shooting ratio, as this will give you some room to collect shots that have
> aesthetic value and might just be the right thing, and may not be what ether
> you or the director would have imagined using in that situation.
> That said, a 2:1 ratio is still very tight, and you will still only get to do
> about one take of each shot, but you will get to collect a wider range of
> material.
> Will the film be finished on 16mm film, or on some other medium? Because, if
> you are finishing on 16mm, then you also have to budget the film for optically
> printing the super-8 to 16mm, and because of the conversion ratio between
> them, you will add about a third to the total footage count once the super-8
> material is converted to 16. I can go into more detail about this if you would
> like me to.
> Sincerely,
> Bill Basquin
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>> I'm shooting B-roll footage on Super 8 for a 25 minute documentary.
>> Can anyone recommend a suitable shooting ratio for this scenario?
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