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> Hey everyone. I'm looking to send work to public access shows that show
> films, doesn't matter where in the country they are, even if they are
> non-public access and abroad. Does anyone know of any? Doesn't have to be
> experimental oriented, as the content I'd like to send out is sort of
> cross-genre. Thanks in advance for any help!

Many public access facilities have a service area (city limits or consisting
of several counties). For programs that originate and are produced outside
the service area, the producer needs to find a local "sponsor" within the
prescribed service area. The local sponsor then submits programming.

Some access centers are less restrictive about outside programming, but many
follow the service area guidelines due in part to funding requirements.

I'd say go to the Alliance for Community Media for a full list of centers,
however on of the best lists is below:



Alain LeTourneau
Pam Minty
5232 N Williams Ave
Portland, Oregon 97217
+1 503 231 6548

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