Re: [Frameworks] Drama films and the Avant-Garde

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Date: Tue Jan 25 2011 - 15:26:41 PST

One of the key things about this strand is surely that so many avant-garde techniques have simply entered the mainstream. Certainly in terms of title sequences and dream sequences. Many genre films (especially horror, superhero and action movies) also use techniques and styles associated with experimental film (most obviously the use of flicker or bullet time, but also exploring sound design with use of sub-bass and so on, especially in horror films to generate 'atmosphere').

While, as I said previously, David Fincher (Fight Club 1999 may be too old, but Zodiac made in 2007 also has some experimental elements) is perhaps the most clear case from Hollywood, there's others; M Gondry (Eternal Sunshine 2004 / Science of Sleep 2006), David Lynch, Spike Jonze, Chris Nolan, but - perhaps somewhat perversely - what about the Jackass movies? They certainly embrace various stylistic devices which play with perception (although I guess they're not narrative).

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