Re: [Frameworks] Drama films and the Avant-Garde

From: Gawthrop, Rob (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 25 2011 - 13:44:19 PST

Perhaps colonise is a better term than imitate? A converse issue has also emerged in recent years where artists fetishise film technology while assuming industrial production values. Is there a difference now between the contemporary art industry and the film industry? Sorry Al, I don't watch feature films very often either!


On 25/01/2011 19:57, "alrees" <email suppressed> wrote:

Thanks very much to everyone for sending the lists, and for raising new
questions. Yes, Fred, I should have said that my inquiry is for an updated
edition of my 1999 BFI book, 'A History of Experimental Film and Video', in
which - fairly briefly - I gave some examples of where mainstream films (and
ads and music videos) imitate techniques or stylistics of the avant-garde.
Some of these are very superficial usages, others arguably less so. My 1999
examples were from Scorsese, Lynch, Stone, Bigelow etc, so I am looking for
newer instances, about which I now certainly know a lot more after all the
examples that have been posted. I hardly ever see feature films, so I am
relying on these suggestions. So that's the purpose, and I'm grateful to all
who have responded, or who might have more to add.


on 25/01/2011 18:03, Fred Camper at email suppressed wrote:

> Quoting Jonathan Thomas <email suppressed>:
>> Indeed. This is pretty much the only time you see experimental techniques
>> employed in most mainstream cinema: to depict 'altered states' such
>> as psychosis...
> Well, "experimental techniques" are also used decoratively, as in "The
> Jacket" (2005), in which shadows of plants in "homage" to Brakhage's
> "Mothlight" serve as the backdrop to the final credits.
> I wish that the purpose of queries like this one was made clear. The
> use of "experimentaltechniques" without any of their original power
> and meaning should be critiqued, in my view, even if one wishes to
> defend new uses in certain films.
> Fred Camper
> Chicago
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