Re: [Frameworks] Telecine transfer

From: Myron Ort (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 23 2011 - 13:53:03 PST

I have done telecine transfers and received the files as Apple ProRes
422, we were able to deal with this in FCP and I like that file for
digital projection.
I have never done this with 10-bit compressed. I know it is supposed
to be a large file and slows you down .
Anyone dealt with the 10-bit uncompressed files. Pros vs. Cons? I
was considering using a telecine service which only can give me the
10-bit uncompressed file from the telecine. What is that going to be
like working in FCP and what do I need to know about then converting
the 10-Bit to the ProRes ?

Myron Ort
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