[Frameworks] film screening: Tracing Shadows in the Dark, 26th of January 2011, 6.30pm

From: carmen billows (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jan 22 2011 - 12:17:01 PST

You are invited

for a special screening event as part of the project

*Tracing Shadows in the Dark *


Holy Trinity Church

Prince Consort Road

South Kensington

London SW7 2BA
(to the SW of the Royal Albert Hall)

26 January, 6.30 pm

    *From the surface, our environment can be deceptive and layers of
meaning **within science, **history, nature or human behaviour remain
largely out of sight. **In their films, the featured artists deal with
secrecy* *and invisibility** and draw out crooked trajectories as well as
opaque, enigmatic tales and rituals.****The inexplicable and neglected are
the main driving forces within their quest for alternative narratives. **


The screening event is organised in response to the exhibition* Tracing
Shadows in the Dark* at the Blyth Gallery, Imperial College (12 - 28 January
2011) - a collaborative project between four artist and a curator. *Tracing
Shadows in the Dark* alludes to Secret Cities used as hidden nuclear
research laboratories during the Cold War. The obscurity surrounding these
mysterious settlements has inspired the artists and curator to meditate on
themes of secrecy and invisibility. Through manipulation of matter and
drawing upon personal histories they look for entry points into latent and
mysterious narratives.


*Igor and Ivan Buharov** *(Kornél Szilágyi and Nándor Hevesi, *1971,*1974,
Hungary, live and work in Budapest)

*Laure Cottin *(*1985, France, lives and works in Paris)

*Stefan Demming *(*1972, Germany, lives and works in Berlin)**

*Dani Gal* (*1975, Israel, lives and works in Berlin)

*Emanuel Geisser *(*1974, Switzerland, lives and works in Berlin)

*Alexandra Hopf* (*1968, Germany, lives and works in Berlin)

*Astrid Nippoldt *(* 1973, Germany, lives and works in Berlin)

*Agnieszka Polska* (*1985, Poland, lives and works in Krakow and Berlin)

*Yelena Popova* (*1978, Russia, lives and works in London)
*- Curated by Carmen Billows*

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