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From: Maik Kleinschmidt (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 19 2011 - 19:27:43 PST

Physiological as in a sensual, bodily or affective experience of cinema?
From my own research I would recommend looking at the following (in addition to what's been suggested in earlier posts):

Cinema and Sensation: French film and the art of transgression - Martine Beugnet

On cinematic mimesis in Agnes Varda's The Gleaners and I:
'The Poetics of a Potato: Documentary that Gets Under the Skiní, Metro 137, 126-131 - Anne Rutherford

Le Corps concret: Of Bodily and Filmic Material Excess in. Philippe Grandrieux's Cinema - Greg Hainge

Aside from Vivian Sobchack's work, Steven Shaviro's Cinematic Body is often referenced in this context, although he himself now seems to regard it as 'speculative'.

This is on visual art, but I found that many things addressed in here apply to moving image just as well:
Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation - G. Deleuze (found it much more approachable than his texts on the cinema, not least because it is comparatively compact)

Lacan's theory of the Real might also be worth looking at in this regard, depending on the scope of the research.


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> Hello FW'ers
> I am advising a student who is doing research on the relationship on the cinematic experience to the physiological--any advice on texts to offer ?
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