[Frameworks] Cut and Run Film Festival - Call for Submission and Venues for 2011 European Summer Tour

From: mallary abel (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 19 2011 - 11:49:17 PST

Dear Frameworkers,

I thought I'd share the news. If anyone has questions, contact me off list
please. You can see the post and find more info on the
I encourage you to spread the word as well.

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Announcing Cut and Run’s 2011 Experimental European Tour – Call for
Submissions – Call for Venue Proposals

*Cut and Run began in early 2009 in San Francisco, as a single screening
event at Artists’ Television Access. It has since evolved into an annual
traveling film festival featuring Experimental and Avant-Garde cinema,
featuring contemporary and past works.*

*C + R celebrates works that deviate from mainstream and traditional cinema,
and opt towards authentic, brave, challenging, stylized, alternative and
imagined subjects. The call for submissions has no direct set theme. The
program themes develop around the sense we make of the selected works, as
well as individual sought-out films that provoked and inspired us. In other
words, our programs are inspired after we see your work.*

*Please send us your 25 min. or less piece on DVD or miniDV tape by mail.
Contact us at email suppressed to obtain address info.*

*C + R is also accepting venue proposals for exhibitions for our European
Tour. We are seeking venues overseas that are equipped for both Film and
Video projection.*


*Thank you for your interest in submitting to Cut and Run. The call to
submit work considered for the 2011 European Tour will end on Thursday, April
7th 2011. You may still submit work after the date, but it will be
considered for a future program.*

*You may reach us at email suppressed to obtain a mailing address.*

*You may either print this form with your information included or you may
send your own written information. Please include the following information
per submitted piece:*

1. Title
2. Director
3. Year Completed
4. Country of Production
5. Desired Screening Format
6. Check or cash (at your own risk) for $10 USD for ONE film submitted. $15
USD for TWO or MORE films submitted. There is no limit to the number of
films you can submit, and submissions fees will not exceed $15 USD.
7. Synopsis*

*Please include your contact information and note most correspondence will
be done via e-mail.*

E-mail address
Phone number
Webpage (If applicable)*


*Please acknowledge the following, if your piece is selected:*

*1. For the 2011 European tour, we may need French, German, and Spanish
subtitles for any film with dialog or text.
2. We will compile and distribute a limited edition of this Cut and Run
3. Artist will receive an artist’s payment of $50 to include their film in
this program and on dvd, along with a Cut and Run t-shirt and other
souvenirs from the festival.
4. Allowable screening formats vary depending on our venue host; Filmmakers
will be notified of which options are available.*

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