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From: Serge Levchin (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 19 2011 - 14:59:26 PST

well, there is a fair amount of work on kinesthesia (if i understand the
query correctly);
here are some references quickly pulled off someone else's recent syllabus -

Vivian Sobchak, “What my fingers knew: the kinesthetic subject or vision in
the flesh”:

interview with Patricia MacCormack on “cinesexuality”:


Aaron Anderson “Kinesthesia in martial arts films: action in motion” (Out
for Justice) <>

 “Violent dances in martial arts films” (Rumble in the Bronx, etc.)

On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 5:33 PM, jeanne LIOTTA <email suppressed> wrote:

> Hello FW'ers
> I am advising a student who is doing research on the relationship on the
> cinematic experience to the physiological--any advice on texts to offer ?
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