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Date: Fri Jan 14 2011 - 14:31:32 PST

Thought some of you might be interested in this.

Nick Zedd has just reprinted and hand-colored the complete series of
his *Underground
Film Bulletins*, critic film reviews that he edited and wrote under numerous
pen names over the years 1984-1990, and consisting of 9 Issues featuring his
writings on the following artists:

*Beth and Scott B interview, The Nick Zedd Story, a play by Jack Smith, plus
George Kuchar, Lydia Lunch, and more.*

*Special scatological flatulence issue. The R. Kern interview, Kenneth
Angerís dirt, Jack Smith, Ed Wood, Lydia Photos.*

*Special Nude Filmmakers Issue. Nick Zedd, John Waters, Tommy Turner, Manuel
Delanda, Lydia Lunch.*

*Special leprosy & Subversion Issue. Richard Hell, Jim Jarmusch, Orion
Jeriko, Jonas Mekas, R. Kern, Nick Zedd.*

*Special Coprophagous Smut Issue: The Andy Warhol Interview, Nick Zedd on
AIDS, Lech Kowalski, Lydia Lunch, Otto Muehl, Rick Strange.*

*Sprecial Death To Art Fags Issue. Tommy Turner, Scott B, George Kuchar,
Lung Leg, Jack Smith, John Spencer.*

*Special Kiddie ? Issue. Nick Zedd, Ralph Bakshi, David Cronenberg.*

*Special Pussy Issue. GG Allin, Kembra Pfahler, Alyce Wittenstein.*

*Special Die Yuppie Scum Issue. Jack Smith, GG Allin, Casandra Stark, Lung
Leg, Joe Coleman.*

"Using multiple pseudonyms, Zedd edited and published the groundbreaking
UNDERGROUND FILM BULLETIN from 1984 to 1990, hand coloring the covers of
each issue, adorned with portraits he drew of local eminences within.
On the pages of this hand xeroxed 'crudzine' Zedd penned the Cinema Of
Transgression Manifesto, and invented a forum for the most scathing and
subversive ideas emerging from the avant-garde of that time." * -- Monica

We have them at Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. For info:
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