[Frameworks] interviews Salt Lake City 1960?

From: Tom Whiteside (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 12 2011 - 08:34:33 PST

By chance does anyone know of a series of filmed interviews (16mm, color) conducted in Salt Lake City, circa December 1960? Off screen interviewer asks the same set of questions (Would you rather go to a symphony concert or a football game? How important do you think religion is to people in these times? etc) to one person at a time, identified only with a letter code displayed on the wall behind them, under some rather hot lights. Camera is static, audio is rough. Each 7 or 8 minute interview ends with, "OK, now I'd like to ask you to stand up, push your chair back, and pretend that you're playing a game of tennis.... That's right, serve the ball and hit it back." I don't know why these were made, some kind of social science research but it's hard to tell.

I have six of these (JJ, FF, CC, Y, C, and L) and only recently noticed the letter code displayed on the set, which leads me to believe that there are at least a few dozen more of these. I'd be interested to know if this rings a bell with anyone (come on, an imaginary game of tennis, you'd remember that wouldn't you?) and if it does please contact me off list. Cheers.

- Tom Whiteside Durham, NC

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