Re: [Frameworks] Optical Printer or other advice in Berlin?

From: jeanne LIOTTA (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 05 2011 - 14:52:50 PST

You could always shoot it off the wall onto 16mm color neg, process normally
and then you will have a work print to make a loop from and a negative to
make more, no optical printer necessary. Depending on yr subject matter ?
should be fine. Nothing is wrong with super 8 as a loop per se, what do you
mean by "worth it"? You might want to think about the length-- are you
building a looper or will you just run it through the projector taped end to
end? There is always wear and tear on film loops,I dont think it's less for
Super8 than 16mm.
On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 5:03 AM, Diana Arce <email suppressed> wrote:

> HI Frameworkers,
> Happy New Year! A friend and I are working on a project which we shot
> on Super 8 Ektacrome. We unfortunately didn't really think out the
> entire project and in the end decided to use the film as a loop. We
> had the Ektacrome processed normally and I got in contact with Andec
> to find out how much making a copy would cost, which they priced at
> 300 Euro regardless of if our end copy would be 16 or S8. I usually
> only shoot 16 and didn't realize that reversal answer prints were not
> possible anymore (at least according to Andec).
> So here are my questions? First, is it even worth it to loop S8 for an
> installation or does it make more sense, in regards to wear or
> whatever, to do a blow up to 16. Second, does anyone know anyone in
> Berlin with an Optical Printer who would be interested in helping
> another filmmaker out? Or does anyone know of another lab in Europe
> that could make a copy of our S8 print for a better price?
> Thanks so much,
> Diana Arce
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