[Frameworks] help needed from Berlin filmmakers

From: Deborah Bower (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jan 03 2011 - 04:36:29 PST

Hello Frame workers!

Myself and Mat Fleming are traveling to Berlin on the 31st January to make
some films at the Kottishop <http://www.kotti-shop.net/about.html> as part
of a project at club

We are travelling from FILM BEE / Star and Shadow
Cinema<http://www.starandshadow.org.uk/>in Newcastle UK, so we are
limited with what equipment we can bring with
us. We are going to be constructing 16mm films with gels and so we are
going to need to borrow some 16mm splicers in addition to the ones we bring.
We might have a few borrowed from LaborBerlin, but we need a few more for
the first week of feb as we will have workshop participants.

We would also like to borrow one or two 16mm Eikis.

Can anyone help us out by kindly lending any of this equipment?



ps this is the brief description of what we are doing in case anyone is

Film and Animation - *News Reels* - with Deborah Bower and Mat Fleming
News flash - film is just projected shadows. In an attempt to represent
reality and put the news on the screen in a really new way we introduce a
technique for making 16mm film without film. We'll be photocopying newsprint
onto gels and then splicing them onto sprockets for super saturated colour
collage. When projected in an improvised multiple projector jam, these
filmstrips will reach new levels of intensity - like exploding jewellery
boxes in a sea of alphabet spaghetti.

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