Re: [Frameworks] [QUARANTINE NOT SET UP] camera roll films (unedited 100ft films)

From: Beebe,Roger W (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Dec 31 2010 - 15:13:04 PST


If the 100' feet isn't the key, then there are lots of good ones. I teach an in-camera edit exercise, and I've been showing Chris Jolly's "Only," his homage to "Rhythmus 21," for years. I was lucky enough to make a print of it when they still made B&W s8 print stock, but I bet he'd let you show the camera original if you asked nice. (He's in NYC. I'd be happy to give you his contact info if you want to track him down.) For 400' of 16mm, how about Larry Gottheim's "Fogline"--works well for the "duration" end of the in-camera spectrum. Also I'm pretty sure at least some of Ben Russell's Trypps films are single camera rolls, aren't they? (The most recent installments definitely are. Can't remember if Trypps #3 is too, but it seems like it must be.) And since people haven't been shy about mentioning their own work, I've got a bunch of in-camera edited stuff in both super 8 (parts 1 & 3 of "The Strip Mall Trilogy," both unedited rolls of Kodachrome) and 16mm ("S A V E," w
 hich begins with a complete roll of 7245 [R.I.P.] & "Money Changes Everything," which is three rolls of 7201 projected in semi-sync side-by-side).

Farewell 2010.

On Dec 30, 2010, at 10:06 PM, Joel Schlemowitz wrote:

> Happy holidays frameworkers,
> Looking to expand my rental list of "camera roll" films. Films made without editing using 100 feet of film.
> Some of the ones I've got already on this list: Joseph Cornell and Rudy Burchkardt's "Angel", Brian Frye's "Lachrymae" Marjorie Keller's "Ancient Parts/Foreign Parts/Private Parts" Rose Lowder's "Les Tournesols" Jack Smith's "Scotch Tape" Andy Warhol screen tests.
> If there are other recommended camera roll films that can be rented (from either Canyon Cinema or the Film-Makers' Cooperative) please let me know either on or off the list. Thanks!
> all the best
> Joel
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