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Date: Tue Dec 28 2010 - 19:52:59 PST

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On Tue 12/28/10 9:15 PM , craig baldwin email suppressed sent:
> Serge, Tho you probably already know about it, I should anyway
> remind you of Marina McDougall and Andy Bellows' excellent Brico
> Press volume on Jean Painleve: "Science Is Fiction".And while I have
> you on the line, so to speak, and with all due respect, I must say
> your claim that you (or most any one really) have tracked down all
> commercially available films on science (maybe I don't understand
> this part) seems, well, rather preposterous on the face of it!
> Craig Baldwin
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> Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2010 19:46:51 -0600
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> Subject: [Frameworks] science film query
> Hello FWs -
> I am trying to put together a proposal for a course in film history,
> dealing primarily with the evolution of science/research and
> educational film. Plenty has been written on the general history of
> these relatively marginal genres - especially on their origins (i.e.
> on Muybridge, Marey, etc.) - but I wonder if anyone has done work on
> any kind of cross-breeding between sci/research/edu film and
> experimental film (or even arthouse film).
> Jean Painlevé is the only one coming to mind who could be said to
> straddle both domains. A few of Peter Greenaway's films (particularly
> A Zed and Two Noughts) borrow some themes/techniques from research
> film - in this case time-lapse cinematography.
> (At the risk of saddling Tony Conrad with another string of
> inanities) I'd love to get some input - both in terms of artistic
> films that reference the sci/research/edu genres and books/articles
> that deal with such borrowing. I expect borrowing in the other
> direction took place as well, but that may be a good deal harder to
> trace.
> Also - on the off chance that someone on the list knows of major
> repositories of sci/research/edu films - I mean archives, museums,
> hospitals, etc. - from all eras, I would love to hear about it as
> well. I think I have tracked down the majority of commercially
> available films.
> Many many thanks for reading and giving some thought to the matter.
> happy holidays, and best regards
> serge
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