Re: [Frameworks] Santa's Complaint

From: Fred Camper (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Dec 26 2010 - 19:07:16 PST


Thank you for your explanation.

Many of us are rather busy, and lack the time to read every FrameWorks
post, but stay subscribed to keep up with what's going on in a field
we care about. We look to FrameWorks for information and opinion, not
for what it seems like you intended, a kind of art project across
multiple posts. People leave this list all the time when it becomes
less useful to them, yet those of us who care about the field as a
whole, not just our own work, would prefer to see the list be as
inclusive as possible.

For the record, I thought at first that you were in fact a festival
organizer and had mistakenly posted a private email to the list,
something that has happen before.

You want to do conceptual essays by email, fine, but at least in my
opinion, this is not the place for it.

Fred Camper

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