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From: Shelly Silver (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Dec 24 2010 - 10:23:45 PST

I'm forwarding below from the wonderful producer Karin Chien. If you
have anything useful lurking in your closet, or collecting dust in the
shelf, nows the time to get it out of the house and put it to good use!



Dear Friends and Family,

On this eve of Christmas eve, I wanted to take the opportunity to
write on behalf of my co-production partner, Cine Institute, in
Jacmel, Haiti. (Apologies for the mass email means of communicating).

I recently spoke to Paula and David of Cine Institute, the only film
school in Haiti. They've been rebuilding after the earthquake, and
their graduates have started new community film initiatives.


Cine Institute is in need of camera and editing equipment, in scarce
supply in Haiti. Their videos are often the only media coming out of
their region, especially true following the earthquake. They are a
positive, constructive force in Haiti. They are advocates,
journalists, artists, filmmakers, and leaders. They are doing what
filmmakers around the world wish to achieve every day - accessing the
power of storytelling to enrich and inform their world and ours.

Please email, Facebook, or call me if you have old (or new) digital
cameras, laptops, hard drives, and DVDs you find you no longer need.
No donation is inconsequential. There are filmmakers in Chicago, DC
and New York traveling to Jacmel in the next 3 weeks who can carry
your donations to the school.

Much love and peace during the holiday season


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Shelly Silver

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