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Take any single perf with images you don't want and bleach it clear, real simple to do.

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I think the gold/yellow clear leader was emulsion leader as opposed to plastic clear, right? Just because it depends what you are doing with it--for direct animation purposes? If you project the gold leader you can hardly tell it isnt clear, and it's benefit is that it has some tooth to it, which is nice for paint etc.
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Hello Frameworkers,

Can anyone point me in the direction of 16mm single perf clear leader? I have a couple hundred feet on hand and need more but have no idea where I got it. I just ordered 500' that arrived but it has a yellow mask. I am looking for the clear stuff.

We just ordered some clear (clear) from Christy's. As others have mentioned you can try Dwight Cody, Urbanski, as well as EEPCo (also in Burbank near Christy's).

Here's a list of vendors who may carry clear leader:

What FPC/Kodak used to sell as "clear" was yellowish or gold in color. It does not appear to be in their catalog anymore.


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