Re: [Frameworks] Santa's Complaint

From: k. a.r. (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Dec 22 2010 - 01:30:49 PST

> It's never stopped me... or a lot of other people I suspect. ;)
> love
> Freya
> > Of course I'm serious, I wouldn't have bothered posting otherwise.
> "

Oh brother.

I'm not on this list to play games, and if I missed a video that lead to some kind of inside joke, well excuse me.

I currently have 2100 unread Frameworks messages in my inbox, so you might see how I missed that.

The only reason I was asking about which festival Mr. Roddy was associated with was so that I could be sure and never send them a submission.

After all this b.s. I am truly sorry I bothered asking.


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