Re: [Frameworks] LaVezzi slight update

From: Douglas Mclaren (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Dec 18 2010 - 11:25:08 PST

Will that be available as a single unit though? Say I break my shutter shaft and I only need one replacement part. Will LaVezzi really produce just the one I need or will I need to put in an order for 100 or 1,000 for it to be worth the trouble on their end?

Additionally, the language of "may continue" and "some stuff" does not instill much confidence.


On Dec 18, 2010, at 12:22 PM, Peter Conheim wrote:

> Regarding LaVezzi Precision ceasing production on projection parts, while there is no question that this is a major ding in the future of the medium, I have this info which I cribbed from a projectionists/enthusiasts discussion board:
> "it looks like LeVezzi will still continue to produce OEM production runs for dedicated new equipment - but they will completely cease replacement parts for stock availability.
> And that they may continue to offer some stuff as custom special-order only.
> So, the parts may still be available upon request in the future - but most likely at a much higher premium cost with a longer manufacturing lead-time."
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