[Frameworks] Projector parts manufacturer Lavezzi has ceased production!

From: Douglas Mclaren (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Dec 17 2010 - 13:53:46 PST

First of all, sorry for the cross-posting. I'd like the information to get out as quickly as possible.

LaVezzi Precision Inc, the manufacturer for 95% of projector sprockets in use worldwide, has decided to cease production on all motion picture parts. Sprockets, gears, shafts, and most importantly, the cams & stars for projector intermittent movement have all ceased being manufactured effective immediately.

That means the precision parts critical for running film on Ballantyne, Century, Christie, and Simplex projectors (including also RCA soundheads) are now limited to what is left on the shelf. Clearly, this has a major impact on the future of film projection and exhibition.

If you are involved in an institution with any of these makes of film projectors, I highly suggest contacting your service tech to determine what spare parts either you or your tech need to stock up on if you are to continue running film into the future, especially as it becomes more difficult to locate adequate replacement parts. As time goes on, some projector models will be easier to locate parts for than others, such as the Simplex XL, as it is incredibly common. Others, not so much (our theatre runs 35/70mm Century JJs, and my god it was already hard to source parts before this!).

If you'd like, pour some wine, put on some sad music and take a tour through LaVezzi's catalog: http://www.lavezzi.com/X-LaVezziStore.html


Douglas McLaren
Music Box Theatre
Chicago, IL

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