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From: LBurchill (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Dec 16 2010 - 11:12:37 PST

Dear Frameworkers,

Some of you may have noticed the recent listings for screenings at
Microscope Gallery, the new space I started in collaboration with Andrea
Monti of the Lucca Film Festival this September in Brooklyn, NY. I havenít
been posting the announcements for the exhibitions as exhibitions arenít
something regularly announced on Frameworks. But Iím thinking that as we
are focused on showing the artworks of film and video makers and this is a
community of people interested in supporting film and video that some of you
might be interested in not only seeing the exhibitions but in buying works.
As a video maker myself I think this is one of the best ways to help support
film and video makers.

There are some works available from each of the 3 exhibitions to date
featuring filmmakers Peggy Ahwesh, Michel Auder, Martha Colburn, Bradley
Eros, Tom Jarmusch, Glen Fogel, Taka Iimura, Jonas Mekas, Anton Perich,
Gerard Courant, and Liz Wendelbo (currently on exhibition thru 12/20). These
are artists who are in the collections of or screened at museums such as
MoMA, Whitney Musuem, Warhol Museum, Museum Ludwig in Cologne, Pompidou
Center, the New Museum, etc. yet are not very often on view in a gallery
setting or offered for sale. In addition to films & videos, there are
photos, prints, paintings, collage, Polaroids, installation works and other
objects from these artists for sale. The works are priced very reasonably,
including artist booklets for as little as $15.

You may email me offline for a electronic catalog/price list for if youíre

More info is at: www.microscopegallery.com.



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