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From: Steve Polta (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Dec 16 2010 - 05:53:59 PST

Hi Jennifer. I know that google is our friend and everything but you should know that in this field (and many others) there is documentation and other writing—published and unpublished—which is not online. Have you dug around in any physical libraries or arts/film-related archives? For example, San Francisco Cinematheque's archive (which I manage) has a file on the silt collective and likely other museums or arts libraries have material on some of the other artists you mention. I can't blame you for not knowing about Cinematheque or any other resources as we're not really online yet but your posts seem to suggest an attitude of "if it ain't online it doesn't exist" and there's really a whole world of unpublished and "sub-published" stuff out there. I apologize for assuming this if it's incorrect.

Speaking specifically about Keith Evans/silt, have you done anything in the way of contacting him or any of these artists directly? I'm sorry to say that I'm not familiar with the other artists you are discussing but if you want to contact me off-list I'd be happy to discuss non-online resources and help you make contact with Keith and others.

Lemme know...
Steve Polta
San Francisco Cinematheque

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