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And then my digital counterpart told me that no matter what medium the
students were working in, it all came down to lengthy projects that tell a
story and follow a narrative arc.
Ye Gods! Sorry, but I had to rant and the poor cat has already gone into
hiding for the night.

What were they trying to do? Block your program?
Because of TV, digital to these guys always seems to mean "following a
narrative arc," as if that's the extent of the medium's possibilities. It's one
 more reason why I hate video-- Oops sorry, I mean "digital filmmaking."
BTW, what does a "digital counterpart" look like-- do they get all broken
up when they stop making sense?
Film is probably now better placed in the art department. The dept heads
probably prefer digital because it's cheaper. And it has something to do with
 Facebook etc.

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