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On Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 5:00 PM, Joan Hawkins <email suppressed> wrote:

> Dear Frameworkers, I have spent two months trying to get approval for a
> concentration in film production in our
> dept. Another dept that's invested in digital production has been raising
> objections, seeing this as an encroachment on their territory.
> Now, we already teach the film (16 mm) classes; we're just trying to get an
> actual notation on the students' transcripts saying they've completed a
> cycle of 4 production courses.
> I just came home from the most exhausting meeting with two deans and the
> other dept's chair trying to explain why"film" really means film and is not
> just some catch-all term for all modes of production. I kept explaining
> that the students work in 16 mm , they have to send their film to a lab for
> processing, that their projects sometimes are ruined, that the Digital
> group's students always mess up their first projects because we AREN'T using
> the same cameras etc etc until I felt as though my head were going to
> explode.
> And then my digital counterpart told me that no matter what medium the
> students were working in, it all came down to lengthy projects that tell a
> story and follow a narrative arc.
> Ye Gods! Sorry, but I had to rant and the poor cat has already gone into
> hiding for the night.
> Joan

I think it was in the early-to-mid 80s that Aaton was running ads in
American Cinematographer that used the line...


I liked it, as it complicated the either/or issue. Sure, the formats are
unique, but seeing the two mediums as part of a
whole shows how the formats can compliment each other. Of course, one still
has to understand that HD and 16 are
two different formats. Actually, HD is many formats, but you get my drift.

No comment on the "narrative arc" bit... hardly worth commenting about.


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