[Frameworks] Steenbeck 4-plate 1600

From: Julia Nimhuiri (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Dec 15 2010 - 10:15:49 PST

Hi all,
  I blew a component on one of the pull-out boards on a four-plate model 1600
If anyone is able/willing to help me repair it, I would be very appreciative.
Also, I have the (original!!) specs in prose and block diagram form which I will
be happy to scan and make into a pdf for anyone who would like. From a quick
gander at the pages it appears the manual applies, in some bits, to all models.

 Although the component itself is utterly blackened and showered surrounding
ones with black soot, the silver conduits underneath seem to be intact and
solders seem ok on the rest of the components. I couldn't find the diagram or
description in the manual to match the board, so am a bit lost.

ok, a lot lost.

Julie Murray


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