[Frameworks] physical water within expanded cinema.

From: jennifer cadger (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Dec 14 2010 - 13:43:07 PST

Dear Frameworks,


I am still working on my
dissertation re: physical water within expanded cinema. Unfortunately there is
an extreme lack of information about some of the artist I have found and
believe me I have JSTOR, Wilson Web’ed and Googled!


Caroline Locke’s “Breath” (2002)?

If you have seen this work
could you answer a few questions?

Can you hear the sound of
the heartbeat in the gallery space?

In the Aluminium tanks I
am presuming there is a vortex of water??

How then does the sound of
the heartbeat affect the water?

Is there the equivalent of
a hammer that copies the heartbeat or is it the physical sound vibrations that
affect the water i.e are there speaker inside the tank?

There is also a mention of
video loops.

What are the images on the
video loops?

What surface are the video
loops projected onto?


Alexander Hahn “On the
nature of things” (1996)

have watched the video of this installation on ‘Vimeo’ and have information
about the work however, I noticed on the list of materials is 1 Projector.

was the projector projecting and onto what surface was it projecting?


have basic descriptions of the following installations;


Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s
“Pulse Tank” (2008)


Michael Brown “Turbulent
Landscapes” (1996) and “Meanderings” (1993)


Lulu Quinn “Jetty Greenwich
Millennium village” London


Pearl Hirshfield, various installations “Autumn”,
“Summer”, etc (1984)


Jim Hamlyn “1728sqft, 16070Ltrs” (1991) and “Broken
English” (1993)


David Hall “Narcissus I”
and “Narcissus II” (1976)


you have seen these installations, I would be grateful if you would write a
review of your experience of the work.


Thank you all in advance.




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