Re: [Frameworks] Maurer optical sound recorder

From: Alex Lake (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Dec 12 2010 - 14:31:22 PST

Hello all--

It sounds like it'll be more trouble than it's worth... I believe the
machines are fairly old and from what I gather they produce multiple
wave tracks (as seen here:

There were three of them two model 40s and one model 10... the only
one that seemed to be in any sort of potential working condition was
one of the 40's... (There are pictures of the model 10 here

My electronic and engineering skills are pretty limited so I think I
should pass... The idea was to save money and it sounds like me
picking this thing up would just take more money than just sending out
to have a track made...

Thanks to everyone for the input!


On Sun, Dec 12, 2010 at 1:50 PM, Bill Seery <email suppressed> wrote:
> Those are spare optical camera heads from Trackwise and are basically parts
> units. They were left behind because we had no more room on the truck or
> space to store them. There are no electronics so they are extremely massive
> paperweights. It took 2 people to lift one of them so the vision of you
> taking one on the subway is both scary and funny.
> You could conceivably rig something with your own amps, filters, etc. but
> you'd have to have some serious engineering skills to so it. You will spend
> more in maintenance,  cross mod tests and blown prints than you will save in
> the long run.
> Making optical track is a thankless job. I work in film sound professionally
> and was wisely dissuaded from providing that service by a good friend.
> Best
> Bill Seery
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