Re: [Frameworks] Maurer optical sound recorder

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Dec 12 2010 - 07:39:36 PST

> were able to make it work fine, except that the speed is
> determined
> by the current, and in Paris that's 50hz instead of 60 - it
> ran slow
> and we were in the processing of configuring a solution
> when we came
> across another sound camera in Belgium, so we're using that
> one now.

I guess the easiest solution might have been to slow down the sound recording on the computer to match before recording it?

> replenished exactly. Fortunately, it is not as hard to make
> an
> optical negative as it is to print the positive film with
> sound -
> there you have to do many tests with the right filters so
> the track
> is perfectly black and white, and develop the film so the
> image looks
> right and the track has just the right density. This can be

This doesn't sound like good news. I was toying with the idea of jumping in the deep end early next year and making quite a complicated 16mm film with optical sound and home made prints! However what you are saying worries me. I was actually thinking of printing to Agfa st8-p or whatever it is called these days, which I'm guessing might help, but I was definitely planning on embracing any optical imperfections because I like that sort of thing.

> very long
> and frustrating and in the end a professional lab will
> always have
> better results. At L'Abominable we have made a couple of
> films with
> sound but they are not perfect. We are still working on it.
> And the
> people working on it are great technicians - I myself am
> not working
> on this at all. But I have been following the results and
> seeing
> their tests and it is a long arduous process just to get a
> good
> healthy sine tone.

I don't mind about sine waves, and there doesn't need to be dialogue or anything, but twould be good if I could have something musical sounding without it being entirely distorted mush. I was hoping that might not be so hard especially given the tradition of hand drawn soundtracks, what do you think?

I got some news that might make it all a moot point but it would still be great to know how feasable it might be for the future one day! :)

Sounds like there are great things happening at L'Abominable! :)



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