[Frameworks] upcoming UnionDocs screenings: Peter Hutton and Jon Gartenberg

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Date: Fri Dec 03 2010 - 09:50:00 PST

 We're pleased to announce two upcoming events at UnionDocs: The Fragile
Emulsion, short avant-garde films curated by Jon Gartenberg, and an evening
of films by Peter Hutton. UnionDocs is located at 322 Union Avenue in
Williamsburg, Brooklyn. For full info and to purchase tickets, visit our
website: http://www.uniondocs.org Hope to see you there!
The Fragile Emulsion curated by Jon Gartenberg

   - Sunday, December 5th at 7:30pm $9 suggested donation.
   - Jon Gartenberg in attendance for discussion.

One of the most vital and richly textured art forms threatened with
extinction centers around the practice of avant-garde filmmaking,
particularly in 16mm format. These filmmakers treat the celluloid film
emulsion as a living organism: it is an organic substance, a shimmering
silver onto which they directly imprint the delicacy of their emotions. They
work in relative isolation, creating their films with the hand of an artist,
rather than as products for consumption by a mass audience. The style of
their films most frequently challenges the conventions of linear narrative.
These filmmakers recognize not only the ephemeral nature of the celluloid
film stock, but also the perilous state of human existence in the modern
world. They begin with their direct experiences of everyday reality and
often move toward a process of abstraction in their films. They filter found
objects from the world around them, and through a wide array of filmmaking
techniques, including use of outdated film stock, over- and underexposure,
scratching directly on the film emulsion, re-photography, and optical
printing – articulate distinct, individually defined processes of creation.
They evoke spiritual visions of the world in which their own livelihood is
inextricably linked to the vibrancy of the film emulsion – both literally
and figuratively – as a matter of life and death.

The program include *Decasia* by Bill Morrison, *Sanctus* by Barbara Hammer,
*Her Fragrant Emulsion* by Lewis Klahr, *Hall of Mirrors* by Warren Sonbert,
*Warren* by Jeff Scher, and *Whiplash* by Warren Sonbert (restoration
editor: Jeff Scher). Prints courtesy of The Film-Makers’ Cooperative,
Barbara Hammer, and Gartenberg Media Enterprises. Presented with the
Experimental Television Center and NYSCA.

 Peter Hutton: Old and New

   - Saturday, December 11th at 7:30pm $9 suggested donation.
   - Peter Hutton in attendance for discussion along with film scholar Scott
   MacDonald. Filmmaker Mark Street in attendance to introduce the film.

Peter Hutton is one of cinema’s most ardent and poetic portraitists of city
and landscape. A former merchant seaman, he has spent nearly forty years
voyaging around the world, often by cargo ship, to create sublimely
meditative, luminously photographed, and intimately diaristic studies of
place, from the Yangtze River to the Polish industrial city of Lodz, and
from northern Iceland to a ship graveyard on the Bangladeshi shore. This
screening includes works both old and in progress. This evening's program
includes* NY Portrait 1, Lodz Symphony, Study of a River,* and
*Detroit*(work-in-progress). Presented with The Experimental
Television Center and

*Amy Grumbling*
Associate Programmer
322 Union Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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