Re: [Frameworks] latest hardware for theatrical playback?

From: Amanda Christie (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Dec 02 2010 - 19:31:41 PST

Heya Flick!

long time no see... hope all is still well out west.
things are trucking along here on the east coast.

have you thought of taking the VJ approach and using software for this?

if you're using firewire 800 you should still be able to work with HD
footage from external drives no problem... I'd recommend trying
software like modul8 it's meant for stuff like that, as you can see
stuff on your computer screen that doesn't wind up getting
projected... you see all of the controls and stuff, and the audience
only sees what you want them to see. and I think the license is only
about $200 (unless you can find a hack somewhere).

just a thought.

hope you're well!


On 1-Dec-10, at 9:04 PM, Flick Harrison wrote:

> Hi there frameworkers,
> I'm working on a video design for a ballet performance in the spring.
> I've been toying with the idea of using a hard drive-based device
> for playback, like a Lacie Lacinema or Seagate Free Agent media
> server.
> To be reliable enough, I was expecting to run 2 players in synch,
> one to the proj and the other as backup, like they do for music. No
> streaming, just an internal HD I think is what I'd want.
> Anyone have any experience using this type of devices for theatrical
> presentation?
> My main concern, as there'll be live music, is that I can cue the
> video tracks without seeing "pause," "play" on screen etc.
> I could imagine using Blu Ray as well, but I suspect it'd be a bit
> of a hunt to find one that didn't have the stupid on-screen display
> that couldn't be disabled...
> Plus, playing off an HD saves a step (time and cost) of burning
> disks after every minor program adjustment during tech and rehearsal
> etc.
> I could just use a couple of computers, but that seems like a more
> expensive option.
> -Flick
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