Re: [Frameworks] Another 15th anniversary: Flicker and TWIAGC

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Date: Sun Nov 21 2010 - 08:43:59 PST

Congratulations, Mr. Stark!!!!

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Subject: [Frameworks] Another 15th anniversary: Flicker and TWIAGC

Hi all, in addition to the 15th anniversary of Frameworks (congrats,
Pip!) I thought I'd mention that also in 1995 I started the Flicker
site (, with help from Eric Theise. In those days
there was very little about experimental film on the web, and we were
hosting artist and venue pages on the site itself. Flicker quickly
grew to become the go-to site for information about experimental and
avant garde film: venues, artists, images, resources, film
descriptions, reviews. Since then Flicker has become more of a
directory to other web sites than a primary source (and has, I
confess, not always kept up with the comings and goings of various
experimental cinema resources).

In going through the Frameworks archive, I also note that the first
two posts were announcements by Pip of Gregory J. Markopoulos
and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy retrospectives.

The THIRD message was "This Week in Avant Garde Cinema," now also in
its 15th year.


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