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Date: Sat Nov 20 2010 - 20:11:36 PST

How about Jeanne Liotta's film "Loretta" and Scott Stark's film "I'll walk with God"?? k ________________________________ From: Steve Polta <email suppressed> To: Experimental Film Discussion List <email suppressed> Sent: Sat, November 20, 2010 12:46:46 PM Subject: Re: [Frameworks] opera I like that someone mentioned Harry Smith's MAHAGONNY. Not his best film of course but a nice call. Warren Sonbert (1947-1995) was a San Francisco-based filmmaker who worked (I believe) as a professional opera critic if you can believe it and traveled the world reviewing operas—can you believe such a thing? Many of this film works are silent but several use operatic music as soundtracks, including SHORT FUSE. See: Other films by him use opera on their tracks—possibly FRIENDLY WITNESS and WHIPLASH?—but I'm not as familiar with his work as I could be so I can't say exactly. Films available from Canyon Cinema. Lewis Klahr's LULU (1996) was intended (I believe) to participate in a production of Berg's opera of the same title. I'm also surprised that no one has yet mentioned ARIA (1987) which was/is a feature length compendium of "music video" type things set to operatic arias by the likes of JG Godard, N. Roeg, R. Altman, K. Russel, et al. ARIA is a pretty interesting artifact to be sure... Steve Polta --- On Fri, 11/19/10, margaret jamieson <email suppressed> wrote: >From: margaret jamieson <email suppressed> >Subject: [Frameworks] opera >To: email suppressed >Date: Friday, November 19, 2010, 2:03 AM > > >Dear Frameworks: > >I'm wondering what you might turn up on the idea of opera; the group I'm doing a >program for is basing a two day screening and discussion around it; with Mark >Dornfor-May's U-Carmen as a feature within it. They are very happy to consider >the topic broadly, so I'd love to include some experimental work. I've thought >of things from Potter's Thriller to K. Resetartis' Aegypten. I'm interested in >hearing about pieces which are not just opera in subject but in form or feel. > >thanks so much--Meg >_______________________________________________ >FrameWorks mailing list >email suppressed > >

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