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Date: Fri Nov 19 2010 - 12:04:57 PST

Peter Greenaways an interesting and great call! :)
Seeing as we have now called out for Sally Potter and Peter Greenaway, I feel we have to have the whole trio and throw in Derek Jarman as well!
The 3 go together in my mind, and I've always found it sad when people try to seize on one for their little canon and exclude any of the others. I feel it always says more about peoples desire to exclude certain kinds of individuals in the little scene than it does about the films and is a sad reflection on the so called "avant garde". On a positive note I'm glad to see that Derek Jarman is being included these days, but I would say to such authors, yes you can include Sally Potter too (and without the snarky remarks). Sally Potter is a fantastic film maker.
Aside from that I'm not sure which film to pick by Derek tho, the tempest perhaps?Can anyone here make the argument for the operatic aspect to Derek Jarmans work better than me? He seems to float closer to the area of poetry most often, but I feel he definitely also drifts over to a sort of cinematic opera type of thing quite often. Sadly my mind is presently on other stuff right now, so perhaps someone here can step in and make a good argument for Derek for me! :)

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Peter Greenaway's work comes to mind....M is for Man Music and Mozart
with the composer Louis Andriessen, or Rosa - a horse drama ....or
even Prospero's Books in some ways.  Hal Hartley's worked with
Andriessen as well.  I believe there might be a little something in
Greenaway's film on John Cage about Cage's "Europeras" but I haven't
seen that one in a long time so I might be mistaken.   Regardless, if
you can find footage of Cage's Europeras that would be very
interesting.     Actually, the Dutch filmmaker Frank Scheffer's
"Stoperas 1/2" was created with John Cage...that might be worth
checking out.


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