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Recent "Right Stuff" references provoke:   "Surviving Atlanta at the
moment, I'm reading Tom Woolfe's A MAN IN FULL, which is saturated with
formidable (1989) research and insight into the 'communities' in and
around this fair city.   Guess I should check-out those nice folks at
Eyedrum to see what if any their reflection of the worlds of agfilm might
comprise.   Geoff is some five hours to the north, I seem to remember,
and Tyler Perry's FOR COLORED GIRLS graces / grooves-in 31 Atlanta simple
cinema complexes.   Anny and I saw the premiere of Ntozake Shange's "For
Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf" in the
Lafayette Street Public Theatre in NYC in 1969; so I'm interested to see
what this multifacetted stage poem becomes among Mr. Perry's oeuvre.  
I refuse to read the raggedy reviewers offerings, which I hear are
predictably blinkered.   My last film - that's the one still to
reify - will be graced by Michael Snow's kind gift of a scintillating
improvisation piece, and is now likely to see further piano accompanyment
from talent in Beijing and Atlanta; it's title remains, of course "THE
Film", and should be a transformatory experience.   My apologies for the
delay in my review / response promised Pip @ Revoir (re. the post JETEE
work) which has rather been sidelined by the need to tend to ailing family
members in this neck of the Woods.   I shall return to it when I return
to rigours of a Yorkshire winter."




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 They did imitate his work in The Right Stuff without paying him one

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