[Frameworks] Urban Research tonight opening Mannheim Barockschloss

From: Klaus W. Eisenlohr (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Nov 12 2010 - 09:42:32 PST

Urban Research/ Directors Lounge at
KING KONG Contemporary Art Project,
Ehrenhof des Mannheimer Barockschlosses

Sound Pattern #1 Violence in the City
12-29 November 2010

Opening reception 12 November
Mannheim Barock Castle

Three guest curators, Klaus W. Eisenlohr (Berlin), Hans W. Koch
(Köln) und Thomas Lühr Frankfurt/M.) present video and sound works.

Barock Castle Catacombes: Tom Skipp's 3-channel work Stormwater,
which explores Europe's biggest stormwater reservoir before the flood

Container 1: Urban Research Screening and Installation
"urban interference and the city's symbols"

The success of modern cities is connected with relative security and
trust in the social contract between citizens. As Jan Philippe
Reemtsma states: "If I happen to drop into a violent situation, I
will neither be made responsible for not being armed, nor for having
failed to defend myself." (memory-quoted). Although this unwritten
contract is part of the production of modernity, urban myths and
symbols often tell about violent situations. Therefore, films about
urban symbols often deal with the uncanny. They thus touch the
precarious balance between the violence of law enforcement and
undisclosed threats of decay.

On the other hand, with urban interventions, artists try to play a
more active role in society . Some artists see themselves as
"political activist" and try to change politics and society; others
just try to reach a different, more divers audience; or, they like to
reach out for a seemingly impossible dream. All of them, however,
share visions and ideas about urban life. And those inspirations may
be infectious!

     * Seven After Eleven, 2008 -*- Christina McPhee US
     * Play Ground, 2009 -*- Rinat Edelstein IL
     * Descend, 2009 -*- Pablo Useros ES
     * Fragments of the Los Angeles River, 2009 -*- Richard O'Sullivan UK
     * Elsewhereness: Yokohama, 2008 -*- Anders Weberg + Robert Willim SW
     * Sintia, -*- Jose Matiella +Ivan Meza MX
     * Buda, 2009 -*- Beatriz + Carlos Matiella MX
     * Easy Rider, 2006 -*- Pilvi Takala FI
     * Jalkeilla Taas (Up And About Again), 2009 -*- Maarit Suomi-Väänänen FI
     * Amusement Park, 2001 -*- Pilvi Takala FI
     * Drive, 2008 -*- Elham Rokni IL
     * Simulacro, 2005 -*- Hector Falcon MX
     * Moel Yad, 2009 -*- Hadas Tapouchi IL
     * Night Meter, 2000-*-Yaron Lapid UK
     * Interception 2007-2009 -*- Roch Forowicz PL
     * Stormwater / Estanque de tormentas-*- Tom Skipp ES
curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr (Directors' Lounge Berlin)

KIng Kong
Klaus W. Eisenlohr

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