[Frameworks] Alternative Projections Symposium & Film Festival This Weekend!

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Date: Wed Nov 10 2010 - 08:44:59 PST

One last shout out.
Free, but registration required! Come on down to some or all!

November 12-14, 2010

Los Angeles Filmforum, in collaboration with Visions and Voices, a
University of Southern California Arts and Humanities initiative, will
present the first public event in the series Alternative Projections:
Experimental Film in Los Angeles 1945-1980, a three-day symposium, film
festival and exhibition, November 12th – 14th, 2010 at the USC School of
Cinematic Arts.

For registration & more details:

This three-day event will highlight the seminal character of diverse
creative activities in cinema art in Los Angeles in the decades following
the war.

Screenings and presentations with scholars and artists will include topics
such as:

• Conceptual media in the late 1960s with a special focus on the work of
artist Paul McCarthy.

• The presence of experimental filmmakers in the Hollywood special effects
industry in the 1970s.

• Queer postwar experimental cinema in Los Angeles, with a focus on Nancy
Angelo and Candace Compton's feminist performance video Nun and Deviant.

• The collective ASCO, a group of artists whose satirical and conceptual
public art practices in the 1970s challenged Los Angeles with their
definitions of Chicano art.

• Curtis Harrington, Cameron, and "The Wormwood Star"

• Raymond Rohauer`s unique screening series of experimental film at the
Coronet Theater in Los Angeles in the 1950s.

• Jon Jost's quasi-documentary critiques of American culture and the 1970s
art scene in Los Angeles: Angel City (1976) and Chameleon (1978).

• The Vanguard Theater and its role in the canonization of the avant-garde
as an exhibitor in the 1970s.

A highlight of the weekend will be a celebration of the work of the Single
Wing Turquoise Bird Light Show, a group of visual artists—Peter Mays,
Michael Scroggins, David Lebrun, Larry Janss, and others—who originally
performed light shows behind many of the leading bands in the late 1960s at
the Shrine Exposition Hall, such as the Velvet Underground, Cream, and the
Grateful Dead. They also staged performances on their own to prerecorded
sound or music. This one-time event, especially curated for Alternative
Projections, will include a screening of historic and contemporary works,
followed by a panel discussion with the current members of the SWTB.

A second special screening and panel will celebrate the Los Angeles
Independent Film Oasis. The Los Angeles Independent Film Oasis was an
experimental film screening organization from 1976 to 1981. Founded and run
by a group of filmmakers, it also functioned as a nurturing meeting place to
exchange information and ideas. Oasis -- whose members included Pat and
Beverly O'Neill, Morgan Fisher, David and Diana Wilson, Grahame Weinbren,
Roberta Friedman, Amy Halpern, Tom Leeser, and Susan Rosenfeld -- operated
as a collective where each member could suggest programming, and it held
approximately one hundred fifty screenings, primarily focused on works of
contemporary experimental filmmakers.

An exhibition of artifacts and archival documents will be on display at the
USC School of Cinematic Arts gallery, including exhibition posters,
film-making artifacts, catalogues and original artwork.

A detailed list of screenings and events is posted on the Filmforum and
Visions & Voices websites at the following:



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Coming soon to Los Angeles Filmforum:

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