Re: [Frameworks] artist residencies and filmmaker co-op s?

From: Bernard Roddy (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Nov 09 2010 - 06:12:45 PST

Hi, Mika:

Last summer I took part in a 10-day workshop with BBB Johannes Deimling under
the heading of Performance Art Studies, which was very much in the spirit of the
collective group, working and thinking together, exploring a creative practice
that resists the tendency toward ranking or clique-formation or future celebrity
potential. For me this was the closest thing in years to what I saw happening
at Squeaky Wheel in Buffalo ten years ago and what I experienced at
Pow!Pow!Pow!, the San Francisco performance art festival in its third year that
was held next door to Artists' Television Access. The spirit of performance
art, which is inherently international, tends very much toward what I would
identify as the ethic of a Super-8 workshop on a farm. I think community is
central to the kind of exhibition that takes place with an audience, a group of
participants, or otherwise individuals looking for something from art that
allows for the maximal range of differences within a mutually supportive group.
The problem with the Deimling workshop is that it costs around $500 and the cost
of a ticket. The age of a dozen participants ranged from 65 to 20, and
participants showed a variety of experience levels with performance art. I am
not sure how the others paid for it, but odds are there are grant sources coming
from their respective countries of origin. Another important detail was that
there were two prominent events for which we were ostensibly preparing, and
during which we could experience what it is like to be live before an audience
within a performance art context. I would love to see more such workshops,
whether in film or performance, that give priority to this sense of creative
community. It even works acceptably well for the loner . . .


From: Mika Kiburz <email suppressed>
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Sent: Mon, November 8, 2010 11:34:23 AM
Subject: [Frameworks] artist residencies and filmmaker co-op s?

hello all you frame workers,
does anyone happen to know about or know where to gather information
about artist in residence programs in north america... or

ideally i'm seeking a filmmaking co-operative/ collective of artists
living and working together, with their community, and possibly also
doing the homesteading thing.

the more experimental the better. any ideas?

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