[Frameworks] John Cohen and rare Johnny Cash Footage at the Mead Festival

From: Ariella Ben-Dov (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Nov 05 2010 - 12:05:32 PDT

John Cohen will presents Six films at the 34th Annual Mead Festival
He will perform with his band THE DUST BUSTERS after the world premiere of
his new film ROSCOE HOLCOMB
Also screening rare television clips of Johnny Cash and Pete Seeger courtesy

The Mead celebrates the life and work of John Cohen, prolific scholar,
photographer, musician, and filmmaker. This seven-film series showcases the
wide scope of his interests and his deep engagement with each, from the
indigenous cultures of Peru to the musical traditions of Appalachia and the
Greek coastal mountains.

 An accomplished guitar, banjo, and mandolin player, Cohen set out to
document the music of Appalachia and, in the process, brought Roscoe Holcomb
and his high, lonesome sound to the attention of the world. Cohen also has
deep roots in New York City, reflected primarily in his photographic work,
which stretches across one of the city's most fertile artistic epochs, from
the Abstract Expressionists through the Beats to the emergence of Pop Art.
At first glance, Cohen's disparate interests belie the consistency of his
artistic pursuits. Looking closer, it becomes evident that his lifelong
exploration of the roots of tradition has revealed their deep relevance to
modern life.

Screening 16mm prints provided by Anthology Film Archives:
Peruvian Weaving: A Continuous Warp
Carnival in Q'eros
 The High Lonesome Sound
 The End of an Old Song
 Sara and Maybelle: The Carter Family
 Pericles in America
 Roscoe Holcomb from Daisy, Kentucky

There is no fee to purchase tickets on line now

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