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Date: Mon Nov 01 2010 - 13:26:55 PDT

34th Annual Mead Festival November 11-14, American Museum of Natural

OPENING NIGHT Thursday, November 11, 7pm ‹ presents the NY Premiere of PLUG
& PRAY, a global trek on the heels of the most advanced research in
artificial intelligence, this film critiques science¹s promise of a
brighter, longer future through a melding of biology with robotics. See a
full description below. This film is part of our series MIND ON THE BRAIN
which is being presented in conjunction with the Museum¹s exhibition Brain:
The Inside Story. This series also includes IN THE GARDEN OF SOUNDS which
considers the power of sound to stimulate our minds as a music therapist
tries to communicate with children with autism, multiple sclerosis, and
other disabilities. And, while doctors debate the very essence of the brain
in THE ELECTRIC BRAIN, four patients undergo experimental neurological
procedures that could be their last medical hope.

The Festival also features a John Cohen series with live music, Lantern
Slides, and in person appearances include: José Padilha (Brazil), Nadav
Harel (Israel), Nicola Bellucci (Italy), Olisarali Olibui (Ethiopia),
Daniele Wilmouth (United States), Harun Farocki (Germany), Marcia Connolly
(Canada), and more. There is NO FEE to purchase tickets ON LINE
amnh.org/mead or over the phone at (212) 769-5200. Please tell your

New this year, the Festival presents the inaugural Margaret Mead Filmmaker
Award. This Award recognizes documentary filmmakers who embody the spirit,
energy, and innovation demonstrated by anthropologist Margaret Mead in her
research, fieldwork, films, and writings.

Please check out all our award contenders:
Nadav Harel The Electric Mind
Nicola Bellucci In the Garden of Sounds
Eva Eckert A Mountain Musical
Stefan Constantinescu and Julio Soto My Beautiful Dacia
Boris Bertram Tankograd
Marc Francis and Nick Francis When China Met Africa
Alexander Kleider and Daniela Michel When the Mountain Meets Its Shadow

For a complete program amnh.org/mead

Ariella Ben-Dov
Artistic and Festival Director
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