Re: [Frameworks] Experimental Media for Middle and High School Students

From: albert alcoz (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Oct 23 2010 - 14:23:07 PDT

Hi, I teach cinema at secondary school and i have been showing Tango by Rybczyński for almost 300 students, and most of them like love the film. Some other films like the ones by Virgil Widrich are ok too (Fast Film and Copyshop). Albert ________________________________ De: Alex <email suppressed> Para: Experimental Film Discussion List <email suppressed> Enviado: sáb,23 octubre, 2010 22:51 Asunto: Re: [Frameworks] Experimental Media for Middle and High School Students Surely there could be nothing better than a bunch of inner city kids walking around school doing Werner Herzog impressions. When I was that age I really liked Su Frederick's "Scar Tissue", Maya Deren, Jan Svankmajer, Seijun Suzuki, and Priit Parn. "Leche" by Naomi Uman sounds culturally appropriate but might put those kids to sleep? I probably really would have liked Viennese Actionism too, but I'm guessing that's out. Alex On Oct 23, 2010, at 4:36 PM, Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez <email suppressed> wrote: ditto. And don't forget Len Lye. > > > > >On Oct 23, 2010, at 1:28 PM, Raymond Salvatore Harmon wrote: > > >>Hello >> >>I can not recommend enough the works of Norman McLaren and John and Faith Hubley >>when it comes to experimental film that children can engage with. >> >>Yours >>RSH >> >>_______________________________________________ >>FrameWorks mailing list >>email suppressed >> >> > > >enjoy today... > > >Dinorah de Jesús Rodríguez >Multimedia Artist > > _______________________________________________ >FrameWorks mailing list >email suppressed > >

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