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In my experience, 16mm is much better for direct animation than S8, there is more real estate. Also, I have always preferred to work on black leader with bleach and razor blades rather than start with clear leader. Add color to the clear marks you have made and it stands out much better against the black background. If you can get etching points (really sharp, fine metal points) the work is finer - I also like to use the serrated edges from the Saran Wrap box, you get lots of parallel lines, easy to use. Everyone gets five (or ten, whatever) feet of film to work with, splicing them together into one reel is part of the exercise. If you have a few goofy moments of found footage that can be fun, too. Good luck!

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    My classes are in NYC and I have 3 groups of students, a class of
6th graders, 9th graders, and high school seniors to recent graduates.
There are a lot of black, hispanic, and a minority of white students.
There have been a lot of hate-crimes in the area and in the high
school towards the hispanic community recently, so culture-appropriate
is definitely a good suggestion.
    As for equipment we have a couple of macs with final cut pro, some
camcorders, and a HD camera. I personally have lots of S-8/16mm gear
and projectors that could be used.
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