Re: [Frameworks] B&W chemicals - how many uses?

From: John Woods (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Oct 19 2010 - 10:21:34 PDT

>From: Jason Halprin <email suppressed>

>I've often been able to get good results with D-76 1:1 for about 1000 feet, over
>2 months. Likewise with Dektol 1:4. I don't use D-19 often, so I >tend to mix
>up a 1 liter batch, then dilute 1:3. I'll process a few hundred feet and call it
>a day.

Is that a 1000ft of 16mm or Super 8?

>From: edwin m <email suppressed>

>most kits have detailed instructions for chemical efficiency somewhere in the
>back - there are various ways of combining/splitting baths, etc., that >mean
>the process will have more steps, but be more efficient. you get a hi-five from
>Mother Nature too, as long as she doesn't remember you're >the guy who's been
>pouring all those chemicals into the water system for all these years

This has always been in the back of my mind. Obviously the fixer and the silver
in it is the biggest concern as far as waste. Other than the old steel wool
trick, is there a better way of handling fixer?

Many thanks.


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