Re: [Frameworks] UbuWeb...HACKED!

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Date: Thu Oct 14 2010 - 15:24:57 PDT

Although not exactly analogous this may be of relevance re UbuWeb (the gist of the piece is in the name of the link)

UbuWeb is a gateway, it enables people to view things, most who like things will go on and attend screenings if they are able, people are aware that viewing on a computer is different from attending an event.

As a film festival program director and somebody who has long toured and screened films I have noticed no decrease in audiences as a result of availability on DVD or online. At least one of the films I programmed for Sydney Biennale was on UbuWeb but this didn't effect audience attendance.

If you actually look at UbuWeb it even lists distributors and their websites.

Copyright is certainly an issue, but looking at creative commons may be better than looking at outdated copyright ideas, especially if embracing creative commons enables an artist's work to be more readily seen.

BTW Matt: if we were really serious about ownership surely that what prohibit all of those filmmakers who use 'found footage' and 'found' soundtracks?

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