Re: [Frameworks] The Russian LOMO Tank Light Leak.

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Date: Thu Oct 14 2010 - 04:35:47 PDT

I don't understand this, because the light trap is at the top of the spindle, so it shouldn't make any difference how full the tank is below the light trap. If light is getting in, it will fog some of the film regardless of how full the tank is, surely? I processed about thirty feet of 16mm in the bottom spiral the other day and there wasn't a hint of fogging. I've also processed single rolls of Super 8 on the bottom spiral without any problems. Either there's something wrong with the light trap or it's damaged or something, or else it's a camera fault. Many Bolexes have very small light leaks that are only revealed when shooting timelapse, or when the film sits in the chamber for a while between shots. In my experience this usually results in a horizontal bluish stripe on individual frames, or sometimes a vertical bar of light on one side of the frame. Nicky Hamlyn. -----Original Message----- From: edwin m <email suppressed> To: email suppressed Sent: Thu, 14 Oct 2010 11:57 Subject: Re: [Frameworks] The Russian LOMO Tank Light Leak. it's quite a common problem i think. it's caused by the light trap at the top (where the central column passes through) - unless you're talking about something altogether different. the tanks are designed to take s8, 16, 35, but because those films all have different widths, there are ways of setting it up that allow light to pass through the light trap. with 35 it's never a problem, but with 16mm it's always best to load both parts of the spool (so 2x50ft or 2x100ft processing in the same tank, depending what size yours is). doing that, you can't get any leak unless it's a faulty tank. for s8, you absolutely have to do two at a time, & even then there *could* be a leak, though i've never had one. if you have to process single spools, you can do it in subdued light like amanda advised, or you can put something in the base of the tank that holds the spool up higher, as long as it won't move and damage your film. remember that doing either of these needs the same amount of chemistry as a double spool (so that the film remains submerged), but also that the higher volume of chemistry means it'll get depleted slower, so can go further. hope that's useful, sorry if i've just misunderstood the problem edwin From: email suppressed To: email suppressed Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 20:59:46 -0300 Subject: Re: [Frameworks] The Russian LOMO Tank Light Leak. I actually did have this problem with one lomo tank once, and I've used several. When I was in Rotterdam, there were several lomo tanks and there was one particular tank that had a light leak at the opening... the little round thing at the base of the handle in the centre didn"t have a tall enough lip. solution: i would process in subdued light (but not total darkness)... and whenever i wasn't pouring chemicals, i laid a black towel over top of it (black towel doubled up on itself).... and that did the trick. of course i was using really low iso films... but this was the solution. turn the lights on low, and grab a black towell! adc Le 13-Oct-10 à 5:45 PM, email suppressed a écrit : I have never had light leak problems with a LOMO, having done several thousand feet over the years without a hint of fogging etc. Have you tried filling the hole?(!) If you've been using a Bolex, it's more likely to be that, specifically if you've been shooting single frames / time-lapse, Nicky Hamlyn. On 13 Oct 2010, at 21:21, ben russell wrote: Hand-Processers, Have any of you run into a problem with light leaks when using the Russian LOMO spiral tank to do B/W reversal film processing? There's a small hole in the turning knob of the LOMO, and some recent processing issues make me think that it may be the source. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated. Yes, BR -- _______________________________________________ FrameWorks mailing list email suppressed email suppressed _______________________________________________ FrameWorks mailing list email suppressed _______________________________________________FrameWorks mailing email suppressed _______________________________________________ FrameWorks mailing list email suppressed

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